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Building a new home or renovating an existing property means time to get creative with designs and features that bring your vision to life. Need a little inspiration? We've put together some industry trends to get you started...


Fifty Shades of Grey?

In 2019, neutrals will remain a popular choice for home decorators. So, apart from white and the ever popular shades of grey we have been seeing, what will be the other neutral colors to use next year?


An organic and earthy colour, this brings nature inside with tones of purple and brown. It is an easy color to match with shades of pink and blush and a perfect color for the bedroom.


Orange is the most welcoming color of all; it is at the heart of the range of friendly and soft colours. Most of us are drawn to the orange-colored spaces, because we feel more sociable. Thus, the living room and the dining room are the perfect places to paint with this earthy tone which compliments perfectly with colorful patterns, tan leathers and natural wood.


All green derivatives will still have their place in 2019 including mint green, khaki, bottle green and neutral green. This green imbued with bluish gray is timeless and refreshing. In the bathroom and beyond, this shade will provide an impression of summer relaxation and freshness.


An amazing colour that is already part of the current trends internationally. The purplish tones give a playful aspect to the room and should be used with tact. Wonderful for architectural accents, accessories or silky textiles. If you decide to paint walls with this color, it will be an incredible ally against imperfections!


We can easily project ourselves into a place that takes on this soft and simplistic hue. Pebble, a warm gray, is ideal for those who prefer neutrals. This hue is, however, the ideal backdrop for putting other more sustained colors in the foreground. Warm the room, while maintaining a sublime minimalism.


Shades of blue have been everywhere including big bold statements, but neutral shades add a a gentle calmness to a room and pair beautifully with natural earthy textures


Interior designers and millennials are crazy about pink! It is far from being an exclusively feminine color. Today, shades of rose are the very symbol of the neutralization of colors and their dissociation to a specific genre.

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