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Building a new home or renovating an existing property means time to get creative with designs and features that bring your vision to life. Need a little inspiration? We've put together some industry trends to get you started...


Go Green

Will indoor plants ever go out of style? Nope. Big things are predicted for the Pilea peperomioides (below), the Chinese Money plant, as well as plants with patterned leaves are about to become a big hit.

There’s more than aesthetics to this look: plants are believed to be good for health, stimulate creativity and help clean the indoor air.

Have fun with it - see your plants as a form of art to be placed as vignettes on shelves, in corners, and spaces where there are natural gaps.

Hanging plants from the ceiling is another great way to display them, creating a focus at different heights to make the room more interesting. Mix it up: layer plants in tall, medium and small sizes, and vary from a single, sculptural statement plant to a cluster arrangement. Green, or living, walls are crossing over from corporate environments to residential spaces, and work well in smaller spaces where there isn’t room for pots

If you don’t have confidence in your green thumbs, nature in all forms, can bring life to a room. Cut flowers, driftwood or stones can make a beautiful display, without the responsibility. Alternatively make a workshop date with the Plant Society in Collingwood who collaborate closely, designing greener spaces, both internal and external, with architects, interior designers, council and developers. FounderJason Chongue is a Melbourne-based architect, interior designer and plant cultivator dedicated to helping people overcome their fear of gardening - visit for more info.

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